Sweet Southern Casey

Sweet Southern Casey

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Phone Sex

Hi guys, well it's the holiday season again. It seems like it comes faster every year. There's a website I'd like for y'all to visit. Its a little appreciation Holiday site to thank everyone for your calls and to spice up your holidays. It's http://www.phonesexthanksgiving.com/ Then visit my website at www.nastysoutherngirl.com and give me a call. I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving !!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Hey guys. Well Valentines Day is just around the corner. I want you to be my special Valentine. I have some really sexy red silk lingerie, with lots of lace just ready and waiting for the big day. I know that you can't send me things like fancy chocolates, or red roses, but you can still send me a nice present. You can send me a special gift card from www.emailagiftcard.com. All you have to do is send it to my email address at www.caseym273@aol.com. I would just love to get something from you. Then after you send it go to my website at www.nastysoutherngirl.com and give me a call at 866-671-8387. I'll make it a very special call just for you. I'll make sure I'm wearing my sexy lingerie or maybe something I've bought with your gift card just for you. So get going and give me a call. I'll be waiting for you!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Remedy For Long, Boring Days

Hi everyone,
I hope everyones doing o.k. Things sure are getting tough with this damn economy the way it is. I think I myself know of 20 people who have lost their jobs. And they say things are improving. I'd sure like to know where. Anyway, for all of you guys out of work, sitting at home doing nothing, and bored, why not give me a call. Can you think of any better way to spend the day? We can explore all kinds of kinky things. I'd like nothing better then to get that big hard cock of yours in my mouth or my tight little pussy. Check me out on my website at www.nastysoutherngirl.com Then when you like what you see, which I know you will, call me at 866-674-8387. You'll only pay $ 1.99 per minute with a 10 minute minimum. What a great way to spend the day. So go to my website and give me a call. I'll be waiting

Monday, June 8, 2009


For all you nascar guys out there I have one question. Can anybody stand that arrogant, loud mouth, gods gift to the earth as far as he's concerned Kyle Bush. I cannot stand to even hear his name. This past Saturday he won the race in Nashville Tenn. The trophy just so happened to be this guitar that was especially made for the race. So with the maker of the guitar there along with all the press, what does Bush do ? He slams it into the ground 3 times . Then stands up to the shocked guy who made it and everyone else and says " I want to give a piece of it to all my pit crew." Unbelievable. Anyway, now that I've got that off my chest, I hope everyones doing ok. I know it sure is tough with the economy the way it is right now for everyone. Well, if you want to talk go check out my website at www.nastysoutherngirl.com. Then give me a call. I'd love to talk to you. Call me at 866-674-8387

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

American Idol screw up

Hey ,
Did you see the American Idol Show last week when they picked 13 instead of their regular 12 ? Well, when it was time to vote, Ryan made sure everyone knew that if you were going to vote for the girl that was # 13, you had to pay attention and be very careful how you dialed. Her number should have been 1-866-IDOLS-13, but they wanted to make sure you knew that her number instead was 1-866-IDOLS-36 because 13 was taken. Well, it was taken alright. If you dialed the number with the 13, you got connected to a number that promised you a really " nasty " phone sex call with a phone sex operator for $ 3.99 a minute. No wonder Ryan was so insistent on you being careful how you dialed. Ofcourse, some of you may have liked the other number. However why would you want to call for $ 3.99 a minute when you can call me for $ 1.99 a minute. And believe me if you want nasty, i can be the nastiest . If you want young and sweet, I can be the sweetest. I can be whatever your wildest imagination wants me to be. I am always horny and always ready to please. I just love fucking and sucking. And i know you'd just love to stick your head between my legs and suck my sweet little pussy. I'm getting soaking wet thinking about it. And I'd just love to get that big hard cock of yours in my hands, mouth , pussy, ass and anywhere else we can come up with. Why don't you check out my website at www.nastysoutherngirl.com and give me a call at 1-866-674-8387. I hope to talk to you soon !

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Hey everyone,
I just had to write to try and get some of your opinions on something. I went to town this morning to run some errands, including getting getting gas. Well, I live 15 miles from town and was really low on gas. Imagine my surprise when every gas station, convenience store etc. were out of gas. I managed to make it back home on what I had but I will have to call around before I try and go anywhere else. I think this is so ridiculous. And if you are lucky enough to find some, who can afford it ! Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone else felt the same way I did. Ofcourse there could be some benefits to being stuck at home, if you know what I mean. What better way to spend the day then in a nice big bed fucking the day away. I'm on the east coast and a noreaster is blowing through so its cold and rainy and boring. why don't you check out my website at www.nastysoutherngirl.com. then give me a call at 866-674-8387 ands lets fuck and suck the weekend away.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Hey Everyone

Well I hope everyone is doing well. The weather here is starting to get nicer finally. Time to get outside and start doing things. Things like working on my tan. I could sure use some help from someone to rub suntan lotion on my back. It feels so good to lie there while someones big strong hands are on my back rubbing it in. And then you go lower to my butt and down the back of my legs. But then you work your way back up my legs and you spread my legs a little and start rubbing between my legs. I moan and turn over and your right there playing with my pussy. You stick one of your fingers inside me and drive me wild with that finger. Doesn't that sound good to you. Ofcourse I'd return the favor and oil up that big cock of yours and give you a hand job like you've never had before. Why don't you go to my website at www.nastysoutherngirl.com and then give me a call. Just thinking about all that has my pussy dripping wet right now. Give me a call !